Car Seat Inspections Available

Whether you’re a first-time new mom or already have 3 kids, getting car seat inspections once or twice a year is always a good idea. Car Seat Techs are kept up-to-date on recalls and the latest safety requirements for the seats. If you’d like your car seat(s) checked, go by Constable Buck Stevens’ office at 2436 South Grand, M-F, 9:00am to 4:00pm. You can also go to the Pearland EMS website to find out when their next car seat inspection event is – they schedule it once a month and hold it near Pearland Town Center.
Thank you Constable Buck Stevens for this important information!

2 responses to “Car Seat Inspections Available

  1. Stacey, Sorry should have been more clear. This service is provided by my office not the Health Dept. It would be good if they call ahead of time at 281-997-9777 just to make sure I have deputies in the office or to schedule. We are in and out all day so it is hit-n-miss.


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