Family Loses Silvercreek Home to Lightning

Thursday, April 17 started with a bang to those in the Silvercreek area as a thunderstorm moved through just before 9am. Residents report hearing two particularly loud claps of thunder following eerily close lightning strikes. Unfortunately, for the Bremer family, the lightning was not just close…it hit their home.

The metal gas line outside that connected to the stove served as a conductor for the bolt, which ignited the natural gas, exploding into the kitchen. The heat of the flames left tell-tale signs: the television in the living room was melted and the water in their fish tank came to a boil. The smoke was so abundant that it set off their next door neighbor’s home security alarm, notifying the Fire Department and Law Enforcement, who arrived within minutes of the alert. Fortunately, the family members had all left the house by the time the blaze took form.

Most of the home’s interior and contents was lost to heat and/or smoke damage. The garage and laundry room were not affected. The family’s 2 dogs were unharmed, but sadly, they lost their cat.

A relief effort is in full swing, and Kendra Bremer was overwhelmed by the kindness that strangers showed to her family. “People have been stopping by all day, bringing us stuff. It’s incredible!” she said tearfully.

The family is set with clothing, shoes and toiletry items, but since they will be living in a hotel room for at least the next week, restaurant, grocery store and discount store (Target, Wal-Mart) gift cards would be appreciated. If you’d like to help the Bremer family, you can drop off gift cards at Epiphany Lutheran Church or contact neighbors Neera Prengler (nvprengler@yahoo.comor Stacey Glaesmann (, who will arrange to get the donations and deliver them to the family.

Thank you to all who have helped already and thank you in advance to those who are moved to help now. The Bremers say they are having a very happy Easter. “This is just stuff,” Bryant Bremer said. “The precious things were unhurt. And that makes for a happy day.”

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