Parents: You’re Doing It All Wrong

I stumbled across this article today on Facebook. I thought it was amazing, true and I couldn’t have said it better myself! Every mom and dad needs to read it and then we’ll all shout “AMEN!” To read from the original source, click HERE (


300x300xworlds-okayest-parent-mug-300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.t0xiVK0x2KYou – you who let your kid cry it out for 20 minutes until he learned to self-soothe and get a full night’s sleep? You know you damaged him for life right? Just wait until you get the therapy bills.

You – you who ran to pick up your child in the crib at every cry, knowing that a cry means a baby needs something? He suffered irreparable developmental damage from lack of sleep. Good luck with that.

You, who fed your babies formula for any reason at all (unbearable pain, postpartum depression, cultural pressure, adoption), I hope you know your child is at a greater risk for obesity and a career as a gas station attendant.

You, who nursed your children just as long as they needed to, even at night at five-years-old (just sometimes) to help them sleep, you know your child is going to have total Oedipal issues for life. Have fun being his date to the prom.

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