Western-Indian Music Ensemble to perform in Pearland Nov. 7

SHAC flyer AShaking Hands Across Continents, a Western-Indian music ensemble, directed by acclaimed Houston musician Mrs. Rajarajeshwary Bhat and organized by Global Organization for Divinity, will be presented on Saturday November 7th at Berry Miller Junior High School stage, 3301 Manvel Road, Pearland TX. This project is supported by the City of Pearland through the Cultural Arts Grant from the Pearland Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.

The concert, that will present a melodious fusion of Indian and western music, will feature songs in English and multiple Indian languages composed by His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji of India. A highlight of the presentation will be a world unity song sung in 16 different global languages.

The concert will bring together over 50 performers of all ages comprising of several accomplished Houston stars, both singers and instrumentalists. It will feature musical instruments from both Indian (violin, mridangam, tanpura) and Western (piano, violin, viola, drums) genres.

Mrs. Rajarajeshwary Bhat is the director of Houston’s Krishna Gana Sudha Music Academy, where she teaches the south Indian ‘Carnatic’ form of music. She hails from a family of musicians in India and has numerous national and international accolades to her credit, both as a musician and a teacher. Apart from coordinating and performing Carnatic music concerts and presentations, she has also worked on several collaborative music productions with various genres of world music.

Houston’s Mr. Arthur Delaney, CEO of Delaney Studios – pianist, string instrumentalist and orchestra director – will join hands with Mrs. Bhat in this fusion production. Mr. Erode Nagaraj, mridangam player of international fame, will also take part in this concert.

This musical ensemble is organized by Global Organization for Divinity (G.O.D.), a worldwide nonprofit organization that is very active in Houston, where it is located in the Pearland/Manvel area. G.O.D. aims to promote peace, harmony and universal love amid cultural diversity, and is involved in several cultural, spiritual and social activities around the USA and the world.

The proceeds from this concert will benefit the construction of Namadwaar prayer house’s youth educational and cultural service center in Pearland/Manvel area. 

Seating for this event begins at 4 pm. Tickets are priced at $15. Donations for the cause are welcome, and complimentary tickets with preferred seating will be given to donors. Tickets and donation options are online at http://tinyurl.com/SHAC2015. For more information about Global Organization for Divinity, please visit www.godivinity.org or call 281-402-6585.

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