New Community Development Report Highlights Successes

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-6-01-34-pmThe last quarter of FY 2015-16 finished strong in several Community Development divisions.

The 4th quarter of the 2016 Fiscal Year was highlighted by the City of Pearland being re-certified as a Gold Level Scenic City. This re-certification, valid for the next five years, is proof of the City’s commitment to maintaining the quality of life that residents have come to expect and ensuring that high standards are adopted and reviewed for private and public improvements. In addition, the City also received the Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association, which is the tenth time the City has received the award since 2005.

The Permits and Inspection Division issued 24 commercial addition / alternations, 13 tenant finishes, 8 new commercial buildings, and 58 Change of Occupant Permits, all of which have a combined square footage of 361,391 sq. ft. and a total valuation of $65 million. Throughout the entire 2015-16 Fiscal Year, 545 total permits were issued with a combined square footage of 5,208,975 sq. ft. and a total valuation of $128.8 million. Total permit revenue also saw a 32.5 percent increase from $4.1 million to $5.5 million when compared to FY 2014-15.

The City’s Planning Division also saw a 62 percent increase in zoning cases when compared to FY 2014-2015, with 42 total cases reviewed. The future inventory of single-family residential lots remains strong, with 1,144 single-family lots added to the City’s inventory of buildable lots, as compared to 1,125 lots last fiscal year. An additional 193 preliminary lots were also approved.

Continuous planning and development is part of an effort to provide a healthy local economy and sustainable infrastructure, which is one of the City Council’s Six Strategic Priorities. Read the latest Community Development Report on to find out more about Pearland’s strategic growth.


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