Pearland City Council approved a $6.1 million construction contract for the City Hall Complex Renovation Project. The Complex is home to a host of City departments and houses more than 100 City employees and serves as a meeting location for all public meetings including City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission Meetings. The facility also houses City departments such as Administration, Finance and Human Resources, which are all charged with supporting 650 City employees. In addition, the Community Development Department processes approximately 15,000 permits a year while meeting with homeowners and developers at the City Hall Complex and the Water Billing and Collections Department handles utility bills to support the City’s 139,300 residents.

The City Hall Complex Renovation Project is part of the 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Program intended to renovate the City Hall and Community Center buildings collectively referred to as the City Hall Complex. The renovation of the complex has been part of the Capital Improvement Plan since 2009 and is moving forward this year with the approval of the construction contract. Both City Hall and the formerly know Community Center building located next door are approximately thirty years old and as such, no longer function at an optimal level because of outdated mechanical systems that are in need of frequent repair, electrical and plumbing systems that no longer meet the minimum building code requirements for the number of occupants and current floor plans with inefficient workflow. The renovation will upgrade facility security. Based on a series of programming meetings with staff, a schematic layout was developed for the entire complex, followed by design development. The construction contract includes the renovation of the entire complex including the Annex building and City Hall, including the replacement of the HVAC system for both buildings. This overhaul will result in a much more efficient modern system that will result in significant operational savings.

Community Center Annex Renovation

The layout of the Community Center focuses on adjacency issues and security issues to improve the significant public access requirements of the Community Development and Utility Billing functions. The space changes move all of the financial transaction components at the City Hall complex into a single location for the public with proper security measures for those transactions. The layout also consolidates the Finance Department into one location, which will result in improved intradepartmental coordination. On the Community Development side the plan improves the interaction with our customers by providing dedicated spaces for quick plan reviews, permit payment, and related interactions. In addition, all MEP systems will be brought up to current building codes.

City Hall First Floor

The first floor changes are designed to improve security for the building, improve adjacencies, provide better public access to the City Secretary’s Office and the Administration Office Suite, and address the additional Council members that will be added in the next two years. The first floor modifications will also include an update to the restrooms to meet current ADA and building code requirements.

City Hall Second Floor

The second floor plans will address adjacencies, security and increase the efficiency and flexibility of the existing spaces. High interaction between Administration, Legal, and Communications will be accommodated by locating those departments on the same side of the building accessible through the northern staircase. In addition, the consolidated IT and GIS Department will be physically located together within the southern office suite.

City Hall Third Floor

The third floor will consolidate the offices of the Human Resources Department into one suite and provide a space for the Pearland Economic Development Corporation.

Construction is expected to begin in the next 30 days. Pearland residents will be notified in advance of any closures that occur as a result of the construction. If the location of any of the City’s public meetings change, they would not occur until the summer of 2017.


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