New population estimate released with Community Development Report

Published in January, the City of Pearland quarterly Community Development Report includes a new City population of 119,700, with approximately another 24,400 inside of Pearland’s future growth boundary – the City’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) in unincorporated Brazoria County. The ETJ population brings the total future city service area to 144,100 residents.

The total valuation being reported for new single family residential homes was $50.1 million resulting in the average value of $215,160 per single family residential structure. More than 1,200 single family home permits were issued, with the average value reported by applicants of $216,770 per single family residential structure. 2016 also saw a total of 1,206 single family home permits issued. Essential City services of high quality – the police/fire, public works, and parks system – are being grown to support the large and diverse population being welcomed to Pearland.

For the year, the total valuation of all permits issued in 2016, as reported by applicants, equaled $792.1 million. The City experienced a substantial increase in total valuation of all construction projects due to permitting activities in October 2016 –  the highest monthly total since 2011. Dedicated professional staff in the City’s Community Development-Permits group performed over 35,000 building inspections on over 13,000 permits issued through 2016 to ensure that construction met basic minimum life-safety codes and standards.

To view the complete Community Development Report and other informative documents, visit


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