Pearland Mayor Tom Reid Receives Multiple Endorsements for Re-Election Bid


Popular Pearland Mayor Tom Reid has gathered several endorsements from local, state and national figures in his bid for re-election on May 6 2017.


Jacquie Baly

Local Houston FOX News Anchor Jacquie Baly endorsed Reid saying, “Mayor Tom Reid has done an excellent job representing the City of Pearland. His heart and head are in the right place. The residents of Pearland are blessed to have such a dedicated public servant as their leader…Mayor Reid you have my full support and endorsement in your re-election bid. Please let me know how I can help you in this race and in the future.”



Congressman Pete Olson (TX-22 W) said, “Mayor Reid has done an exemplary job of managing growth and opportunities for the people of Pearland. His steady hand and thoughtful leadership has ensured Pearland is a vibrant and growing city that is affordable for its citizens and responsible with their tax dollars. Mayor Reid has earned our trust and deserves our support in his re-election campaign.”



Pearland dentist and community servant Dr. Hugh Patton stated, “[Reid is an] amazing man and an amazing Mayor. We all love Tom Reid.”

Brazoria County Constable, (Precinct. 3) Buck Stevens stated, “My dad moved us to Pearland in 1963. I joined many organizations and the Volunteer Fire Department in 1980 and served there for 28 years. Everywhere I went and every group I joined, locally and statewide, I saw Mayor Tom Reid there…representing




“I fully support Mayor Reid and ask that you continue to support him as you have done over the years. We need officials that do not portray self-interest and can stand in the face of diversity and not align themselves with fractions that will not be in our best interest. We need to maintain our regional and state presence and ensure we move forward with what we want as Pearland!”

Other endorsements include Senator Larry Taylor (District 11), the Honorable Brazoria County Commissioner (Precinct 2) Ryan Cade, Brazoria County Constable (Precinct 4) James Brawner, the Pearland Police Officers Association, Manvel Mayor Delores Martin and State Representative (District 29) Ed Thompson.

Quentin Wiltz, one of Reid’s opponents, has gathered endorsements by the Texas Democratic Party, the Pearland Democrats and Houston City Councilman Larry V. Green (District K).

Jimi Amos, who is also running for mayor, has not claimed any endorsements to date.


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