This is the story of a Christmas miracle

By Grapevine Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

On a cold day in early December we met a tiny puppy. She was having the worst day of her life. Lost or abandoned and extremely ill, she was diagnosed with Parvo–the puppy killing virus. We started supportive care immediately with fluid therapy, several antibiotics, and anti-nausea medication. Staff put her on a heating pad and dressed her in a sweater; they gently comforted her and coaxed a little food into her tummy. She was skin and bones with some fleas and intestinal parasites on the side.

On the second day, we named her Penelope. If she had a name, she would HAVE to survive. 

Day in and day out, staff suited up in isolation gear and willed the medications and support to be enough to pull her through. We fought for her life.

One morning, she was yipping and wagging her tail at the front of the kennel and we knew she was a survivor and had made it to the other side. We won.

Penelope, our wonderful miracle, is ready for adoption. The top picture is today and the others during her illness. Penelope’s treatment was made possible by the generous donations we receive.

Please vaccinate your dogs to keep them from falling prey to this nasty virus.


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