Grapevine PD tips for purse/wallet safety in cold weather

Yesterday we had three separate reports of car break-ins, where purses were taken from unlocked cars. All of them happened between 5:00pm and 5:45pm. In two of the cases, the victims’ purses were stolen while they were getting gas. Another woman’s purse was taken while she went inside a daycare to pick up her child. The car was left running and unlocked, but even more concerning is that a small child was left in the car and witnessed the thief enter the car and steal the purse.

We do not share these stories to shame the victims — they feel badly enough — but we do ask you to be vigilant. With the colder weather, criminals know people are more likely to leave their cars running and unlocked because they will “only be gone for a minute.” Daycares, schools, and gas stations are the most likely targets for criminals.

Be aware! Lock your doors!


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