Editor’s Corner: Grapevine Citizen Police Academy Week 5: Crisis Negotiations and SWAT

[Editor’s Note: I don’t go into great detail with these posts because if this interests you, then sign up for the next CPA class! I can’t spill all the details!]

After a week’s hiatus for Spring Break, Grapevine CPA was back in session on Monday, March 19. The topics for the night were Crisis Negotiations (more commonly known as Hostage Negotiations) and SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics).

Instructors explained how the two divisions work together – the Negotiators try to bring the “bad guy(s)” out without any type of force. They talk to them…try to reason with them. They use many skills that counselors and psychologists learn in their own training, and they have a mental health professional either on scene or on the phone for advice.

If talking doesn’t work, then the SWAT team may be called in to “breach” an entrance to the residence or building – they do this by either employing a type of battering ram or explosives (in extreme cases).

The bottom line is that both Divisions do their best to keep the public, themselves and even the “bad guy(s)” from bodily harm while diffusing the situation.

The class enjoyed equipment and vehicle demonstrations. 

To learn more about the Grapevine CPA, click HERE.

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