Grapevine PD steps up patrols

28953668_1902476289763855_2214498051303549733_oResults are in for our first round of extra patrols. More officers were put on the streets looking for violations in speeding, seat belts, and DWI’s. The stepped up patrols yielded an additional 1,282 citations in Grapevine: 1,151 for speeding, 32 for occupant protection (seat belts,) and 2 for DWI. The results do NOT include regular day to day operations.

Our goal is not to write more tickets — our goal is to protect people living in or visiting our city. It is no surprise that officers caught so many motorists speeding, but you may be surprised that 32 citations were issued for people not wearing seat belts. The next time you’re out with friends, please make sure everyone is buckled up. We want everyone to go home safely! By the way, our next round of stepped up patrols is coming up in May. We’ll warn you before they start.

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