Revised Shake Shack site plan for Southlake Town Square denied by City Council



A rendering of the revised plan for Shake Shack. (Courtesy city of Southlake)

Southlake City Council denied the proposed site plan for a Shake Shack at 115 and 125 Central Ave., Southlake, near Summit Park at its meeting Tuesday, March 20.

Before the council’s discussion began, City Attorney Allen Taylor explained before the council and the residents gathered that as the site was approved in 2008 for restaurant use, the council could not deny a specific restaurant from coming in at that site.

“If a developer submits a proposal that is compliant with the city’s existing plan and with its development regulations, the council is required by law to approve the development plan,” Taylor said to the council. “You do not have the discretion to impose the broad range of items that you can consider in making a zoning decision.”

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