Skin rash reports likely not caused by chemicals in North Texas water, state regulators find


Chemicals measured in North Texas drinking water in March were probably not the cause of skin rashes and other adverse health problems reported that month by some area residents, state regulators have concluded.

As part of its investigation into 281 resident complaints from March, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality determined that the water was unlikely to contain chemical compounds known to cause skin rashes, although the chlorine compounds in the water did appear to produce a distinctly unpleasant odor and taste and may have caused some eye and respiratory irritation.

The agency’s report, dated May 18 and reviewed on Tuesday by Plano City Council members, based its conclusions on 117 drinking water samples from North Texas sites; resident reports of odors and health concerns; pH levels in the water that suggest the absence of certain particularly acrid chemical compounds; and existing scientific literature examining the relationship between the chemicals that were detected and symptoms like skin rashes.

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