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Editor’s Corner: Why I Hate the Holidays

By Stacey Doud, Editor-in-Chief I have been called “grinchy,” a “party pooper” and a “complete holiday ruiner,” but I don’t even care. I HATE the holidays. “Why?” you ask? Let me tell you, my patient readers. I’m not trying to … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: School is useless

By Stacey Doud Teens: Believe me, I get it. Sometimes it seems like school is a waste of a day (or a few hours if you’re homeschooled). I’m almost 50 years old and still have never needed to use calculus … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner – Movie Review: “The Meg”

Review by Stacey Doud Jaws fans beware! The Meg was touted to be a bigger and badder Jaws, but I couldn’t help but miss the John Williams score from the original, though the elaborate use of CGI (which obviously wasn’t … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: Jurassic Gardens – Fun and Educational

By Stacey Doud My family and I were looking for something to do close to home, so we decided to check out Grapevine Parks & Rec’s Jurassic Gardens. For $8 per person, we were admitted into the back of the … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: Grapevine PD Citizens Police Academy touches on Community Relations

It’s Week 13 of the Grapevine Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy. The topic was Community Relations, and five speakers informed students about this division. Sergeant Jason Keller emphasized “Unity in the Community” as being one of their best tools for … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner

Stacey Doud is the Editor-In-Chief of The Grapevine Source. She has lived in Grapevine for over almost 2 years now, and is enjoying serving her community. She is a writer/reporter/photographer/public relations expert. She especially enjoys covering criminal and civil trials … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: Grapevine PD Citizen Police Academy focuses on Animal Services, Jail

Week 8 of the Grapevine Police Department Citizen Police Academy (CPA) focused on the Grapevine Animal Services and the City Jail. Students met up with instructors on Monday, April 2 at the Animal Services facility, located at 500 Shady Brook Drive. … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: How did I get here?

Have you ever gotten into a situation (either good or bad) and wondered how you got there? Sure, big events happen sometimes. But, a series of small occurrences can also take us to places we’d never thought we’d be. I’m … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: Grapevine Citizen Police Academy Week 5: Crisis Negotiations and SWAT

[Editor’s Note: I don’t go into great detail with these posts because if this interests you, then sign up for the next CPA class! I can’t spill all the details!] After a week’s hiatus for Spring Break, Grapevine CPA was … Continue reading

Editor’s Corner: Grapevine PD Citizen Police Academy Week 4: Street Crimes and K-9

Week four of the Grapevine CPA was held Monday, March 5. Instructors gave an overview of the Street Crimes division, which deals with everything from narcotics trafficking investigations to stolen purses. Officers in Street Crimes work closely with the K-9 … Continue reading