Product Review: Mixtiles

Mixtiles is an app for iOS (Apple) and Android platforms that allow the user to create 8 x 8 “tiles” using favorite photos. The tiles arrive ready to “hang” and are completely rearrangeable without damaging walls.


Examples of Mixtiles (Photo courtesy of Mixtiles)

I wanted to spruce up my bedroom with some personal pictures, but I’ve never been good at picking out frames. And with frames, the pictures can become crooked very easily, which makes a collage of photos look uneven. I didn’t want to have to keep adjusting frames every time the door opened or closed.


The Mixtiles app icon

I found Mixtiles on Facebook and decided to give them a try. I downloaded the app and then went through the photos on my iPhone, selecting the ones I wanted as “favorites.” This is done by selecting the heart at the bottom of the screen with the photo displayed (on iOS [Apple] devices; I don’t use Android so I’m not sure how to make an album on that platform). The Favorites album is just an easy way to keep the photos for Mixtiles in one place, but is not necessary to use.

Once I had an album full of “favorites,” I was ready to get to work designing my tiles. I launched the app on my phone, selected the pictures I wanted, and submitted them via the app.


The Mixtiles app screen

I chose to make 5 tiles, but users can make as many as they want. The first 3 tiles are $49 and every additional tile is $9. Shipping is free and the tiles come very carefully packed and ready to use.

There are 4 adhesive strips on the back of each tile that make sticking and unsticking to walls very easy. The only problem I had was getting the protective backing off of a couple of the adhesive strips.

I arranged and rearranged the tiles on my bedroom wall above my bed. Now, my husband and I have a nice collage of pictures that mean the most to us! We plan to add more tiles as we gather more sentimental photos.

The app must be used to make the tiles, and I had a few pictures on my computer that were not on my phone. I used AirDrop (mail and text apps can be used to transfer any photo to a phone as well) to get the pictures into my Photo app on my phone. 

The most surprising thing was that I received an email from a real person at Mixtiles (not an automatic/robot email) asking how everything came out. I alerted them to the minor issue of the adhesive backing and they promised to look into it. Customer service seems in such short supply these days, so I was pleasantly surprised at the follow-up.

In summary, I would recommend Mixtiles for a quick and easy enhancement to your home. It took me less than 10 minutes to order, and everything that arrived was in pristine shape. Be aware that these tiles are made of foam board and are about 1″ thick, so don’t expect anything heavy; fortunately, the picture reproduction was superb.

Happy decorating!

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[The author was NOT solicited or compensated in any way by Mixtiles or any of its subsidiaries. This was just a review from experience.]

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