Largest International NAÏF Art Collection in U.S. on Display in Grapevine

The Grapevine Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is proud to present the first international exposition of Naïf art paintings in the United States.  There are 110 artworks on display, representing the work of painters from 11 different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, Perú and Spain. 

Naïf painting, from the French word Naïveté (ingenuity, innocence, naturalness) is generally referred to as Naïf in the Americas. Naïf paintings are created by artists without formal art education and who are often self-taught. Naïf artwork recognized by its childlike simplicity and frankness, typically has a flat rendering style with a rudimentary, simplistic perspective. Attention to detail is essential and subsequently one can ultimately ascertain the country of origin by studying each individual painting. Well-known Naïf painters include Henri Rousseau, who is widely regarded as the first Naïf painter, and American Naïf painter, Grandma Moses.  

The paintings are on loan from a local Grapevine collector who wishes to remain anonymous.  The artwork is on display inside Grapevine’s Tower Gallery through July 23.

Encuentro Romantico (acrylic on linen) by Laura Vidra from Tigre-Buenos Aires, Argentina (photo courtesy of Grapevine CVB)

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