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Irving Police Dept NOW HIRING

The Irving Police Department is looking for quality officers to join their ranks. Whether you’re just starting out or are a lateral hire, visit for more information.

Irving PD Receives 2021 Law Enforcement of the Year Award

It is with great honor that we will be receiving this year’s 2021 Law Enforcement of the Year Award. Please join us and other fellow honorees listed as we gather on Nov. 13th. These upstanding individuals will be recognized and celebrated for their involvement and service in the community.

Peacemaker Award Honorees:

  • Darius Brown-Community Peacemaker
  • Kenneth Scott-Community Peacemaker
  • Angela Shaw-Community Peacemaker, Alive at Last-Peacemaker Medal of Courage
  • Willie Ford-Community Peacemaker of the Year
  • Cariol Horne-Shield of Honor Award
  • Opal Lee-Soldier Award

Tickets can be purchased at

Irving invites you to National Night Out on Oct. 5

For more information, see the flyer below:

For more information, click HERE.

Irving Officer Rescues Kittens Trapped Under Hood of Car

Four kittens are alive and well, thanks to the actions of Nimitz High‘s School Resource Officer (SRO), Brent Conder of the Irving Police Department.

The cats were trapped under the hood of a student’s car. The student approached Officer Conder after hearing the kittens crying from inside the engine compartment, but he was unable to reach the animals from the hood area.

He crawled under the vehicle, removed the plastic cover on the bottom of the engine area, and was then able to reach the kittens, which are all now safe and back with Mama Kitty.

The student, who is part of Nimitz’s Cheer Team, gave Officer Conder a shoutout on the organization’s Instagram page for his efforts.