Editor’s Corner: Dallas Police Massacre

Brent Thompson

RIP Ofcr Brent Thompson, DART (Dallas Morning News)

By Stacey Glaesmann, MA – Editor-In-Chief

This has gone too far. There may have been unjustified shootings by police in Louisiana and Minnesota. We don’t even know the facts yet. Now snipers assault the DALLAS, TEXAS Police Department during a peaceful-until-then protest. What does Dallas have to do with Louisiana or Minnesota?

This has got to stop. Killing because of killing doesn’t make sense, even though humans have done it since the beginning of time. I understand anger and even rage. If it had been my relative or friend killed by a cop in LA or MN, I’d be PISSED. But standing here in Pearland, Texas, I am scratching my head. Why this violence in a place that has nothing to do with anything?

I place a lot of blame on the media, especially television. All of the major networks are owned by folks that have ties to one place: our government. Just flip through the channels and you will hear very similar, if not verbatim, statements read by the newsperson. That’s because those remarks are passed down to them by the same source. And it doesn’t matter if those statements are true or just speculation…or just plain false. Much of society trusts outlets like CNN, FOX, ABC and NBC. What they say becomes fact in many minds.

Then, social contagion takes over. I’m mad, so you’re mad, then everyone is mad. It spreads like a nasty virus over social media and around the water cooler.

A war has been going on since Michael Brown died in Ferguson, MO on August 9, 2014. Perhaps it had been a cold war until then.


Dallas Morning News

As a law enforcement supporter, I would never say that there are no “bad” cops. There are. And they are everywhere. But let the Grand Jury decide if a shooting was justified or not. Suck it up and look at both sides. I hate it when I research a shooting and come to the conclusion that the police officer was in the wrong, but I have no problem admitting that. I am not a blind cheerleader of police.

The main reason I am a supporter is because I know intimately how tough their jobs are. And I also know I could never do it. It’s not because they’re cute in their uniforms or I’m trying to bed someone. It’s because I respect the profession. I DON’T respect those that abuse it. But does this abuse warrant more death?

My thoughts and prayers are with Dallas PD and Transit Police. It is my hope that the officers in LA and MN get what’s coming to them based on facts, not speculation or mass hysteria, whether it be an indictment or not. Every life matters, but the way we, as a nation, are acting, it seems like the opposite.


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