AstroWorld’s 50th Anniversary: A “Magical Time” for the Park’s Employees


AstroWorld, Houston’s biggest and best theme park, opened to the public on June 1, 1968. Fifty years later we’re checking in with former staffers to hear about their experiences working for the coolest employer in town.


Ed Henderson and the model of Astroworld (Photo courtesy of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library)

When AstroWorld was being built, company executives commissioned Ed Henderson and his team to create a scaled model of the theme park. Henderson rediscovered that model in a warehouse decades later and it has since been dusted off, spruced up and is on view at the Houston Public Library, 500 McKinney, in an ongoing display of Houston’s history.

Chris Daigle, who has seen this replica of the park as it was in its early years, writes that it’s very detailed. “Even people and cars!”

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