FEMA Testing Nationwide Alerts – TODAY

43088531_10161225654460268_2319194443334287360_nFEMA will be testing their ability to disseminate nationwide alerts through the Emergency Alert System (EAS, radio and television broadcasters, cable systems, satellite radio, television providers, and wireline video providers) and the Wireless Emergency Alert system (WEA, wireless/cell phone systems). FEMA will initiate the WEA test at 1:18pm and the EAS test at 1:20pm.

What you will experience:

  • A message box will appear on your phone along with a tone and vibration. This will NOT be a text and your phone number is not shared with anyone.
  • The test is for a Presidential Alert, a type of Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) only used in the event of major emergencies that affect the entire country. This is the national version of WEA messages like AMBER alerts and weather alerts from your local agencies.
  • You will also see/hear a test message on your television and radio that will last about one minute in duration. All messages will start with “THIS IS A TEST” and will end with “No action is needed.”

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