Christians, Muslims, Jews Walk Together for Peace in Colleyville


downloadPeace Together, a Tarrant County interfaith organization, will be holding their second annual Peace Walk on Saturday November 2, 2019, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

“I can think of no more important work than building bridges of understanding between my neighbors,” said Pastor Mike Dawson of First United Methodist Church Colleyville.

The Peace Walk will include participation from local Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and other communities who focus on and promote love and caring for their neighbors to the exclusion of hatred, bigotry, discrimination and intolerance.

Brother Sajid Shaikh from the Colleyville Masjid said, “The Peace Walk is a great opportunity to come together to share our thoughts and common bond, celebrate our diversity and honor our commitment to make a better society.”

Free parking will be provided by Good Shepherd Catholic Community, 1000 Tinker Road, Colleyville, TX. Opening ceremonies will be held at the Colleyville Masjid at 2:00 PM. The Peace Walk will follow an approximately 2.5 mile route to Congregation Beth Israel, also in Colleyville. Food vendors and music will be available at the end of the Walk, with closing ceremonies taking place at 4:30 PM.

“Our Peace Walk is about people connecting with people. We come from different backgrounds, different experiences, different perspectives, and when we meet each other and get to know one another we truly feel that connection,” said Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, of Congregation Beth Israel.

Over 400 people participated in 2018 and this year with the help of many participating organizations and the City of Colleyville, twice that number are anticipated.

All are welcome, and registration is free at

Peace Together is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 whose mission is to show that hatred, bigotry, discrimination and intolerance can and should be replaced by the development of strong relationships among individuals, despite their different backgrounds, appearances and beliefs.

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