Cleburne Woman Celebrates 95th Birthday in 1937 Dodge Police Car



Judy Riddle gets in touch with her “inner gangster” (Photo courtesy of Richard Borisenko)

Cleburne resident Judy Riddle got a big surprise on November 17, when she went outside and saw a 1937 Dodge D7 police car waiting to pick her up.

Her daughter, Sandra Gallagher, wanted to fulfill her mother’s birthday wish to take a ride in an antique car, but had trouble finding one for hire.

“I contacted several people who owned classic vehicles, but no one could help. I understood that,” Gallagher said. “A friend of mine is the mother of retired Cleburne police officer Gary Fulenwilder, and he pointed me to [car owner] Richard Borisenko. He was happy to help.”

Riddle’s 95th birthday was the next day. “I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find anything,” Gallagher explained. “It was so last minute! But Rich went above and beyond, driving myself, my sister Peggy Wilson, and mom around for an hour and a half. I had expected something like a 30-minute ride.”

Borisenko’s regular passengers, “Bonnie and Clyde” had to stay home so that Gallagher and Wilson could ride in the back seat, while her mom rode in the place of honor in the front. “Rich and mom had a great time talking and laughing. He drove us around town and then around the lake [Lake Pat Cleburne],” Gallagher said.

RichardInCarBorisenko said he was glad to help. “This is the first request I have gotten for a birthday ride,” he said. “But it was a lot of fun Judy, Sandra and Peggy were real nice people and I think Judy had a good time.”

“He [Richard] was the best and really blessed my mom,” Gallagher said.

Riddle even took advantage of some of the props that Borisenko always carries, including a “Tommy Gun,” which is made of wood.

Borisenko has won numerous car show awards and the car always turns heads. “I may need to get extra insurance, just in case anyone gets whiplash,” he joked. “I get waves from people and even salutes from law enforcement, though this car really salutes them.”

For more information about Richard or the ’37 Dodge, visit on the web or check out Borisenko’s Facebook page at

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