Where do construction workers factor into COVID-19 restrictions?

[We know we said no more virus posts, but this is an angle we hadn’t considered, and thought that you, or your friends and family, may be interested. – S]


downloadAUSTIN (KXAN) — KXAN continues to field questions about construction workers at job sites, especially in light of Tuesday’s stay-at-home orders in the city of Austin and Williamson County. [Many counties in DFW are facing the same restrictions]

First, the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulation does not regulate construction workers, but noted that whether construction is allowed is up to the local agency and its order.

Emily Tuttle, a spokeswoman with the city of Austin, told KXAN commercial construction is not allowed with Tuesday’s order, with some exceptions.

“Under the Order signed this morning, there will be no commercial construction, except in the limited exception where it’s constructing essential and critical assets. (See Ex B, 2p). Construction will be allowed for public works and residential purposes if it meets the other criteria, like affordable housing, etc.  Several City of Austin capital improvement projects are categorized as critical infrastructure under the public works clause and will continue construction. Crews are continuing to use best practices for sanitizing, distancing, etc.”

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