North Texas Police Officer Who Doubles as ‘Captain America’ Gets New Superhero Look for Ride

On Wednesday morning, Midlothian Police Officer Christopher Douglas got a custom new look for his alter-ego ride.

“He said he wanted it Captain America-themed,” Nick Daryanani of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’s Custom Car Wrap’ in Dallas said.

“The real hero in him is going out and changing those kids’ lives.”

Officer Douglas dresses up as Captain America to visit sick children in DFW area hospitals. He brought in his Chevy Silverado to get a custom Captain America wrap, but didn’t know until the reveal on Wednesday that Daryanani would not take payment for it. The wrap was free.

Douglas dropped to his knees, overcome with emotion when workers lifted the tarp to show the truck.

“I knew it was going to be remarkable, I just didn’t know this,” Douglas said. “Unbelievable!”

Read more from NBCDFW Channel 5…

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