How North Texans can prepare for voting this election season

Election Day is approaching, and so are key deadlines. This election will look a little different in Texas with COVID-19 precautions and the absence of straight-ticket voting. Here are some things to look out for this October and on the Nov. 3 Election Day based on a presentation by the Texas secretary of state’s office and the League of Women Voters.


The deadline for voter registration was Oct. 5. To check on resident registration, check online here or on a local county website.

More information on early voting in specific counties can be found at each North Texas county’s elections website:

Information about state rules and guidelines can be found at the VoteTexas website; from the Texas secretary of state’s office; and Vote411, a website by the League of Women Voters.

Read more about Early Voting, Voting by Mail, Safety Precautions When Voting, Straight-Ticket Voting and Assistance While Vorting at Community Impact…

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