Local artist finds inspiration at Oak Creek Park

Lewisville resident Kalika Antao was out at Oak Creek Park, painting very peacefully. When I approached her, she allowed me to see her process, and she was in the middle of painting the trees and some of Lake Grapevine. She said that her favorite thing to paint is landscapes.

“I’ve always been interested in art, but career, family and making a living kept me from it. I retired from a career in healthcare a couple of years ago and started painting more seriously, more often,” Antao said.

“I’m from Lewisville, but I found this park [Oak Creek] and just fell in love with it. I get lots of pleasure from painting, but it would be nice to be able to sell some. I haven’t really done any marketing yet. I’ve put things on Facebook and that sort of thing, but that’s about it for now,” said Antao.

To take a look at this talented artist’s work, visit KalikaAntao.com.

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