American Airlines Offers Some Passengers a Menu of Discounts

For those of you, like me, had gotten really disappointed with most airlines’ baggage costs, American Airlines has adopted a new policy.

Started on Feb. 26, the airline changed its baggage allowance policies so that customers to have a more consistent and transparent booking experience. No more showing up at the airport and being surprised by fees that were not advertised!

These changes include:

  • Premium Economy tickets will include two free checked bags on all routes where American provides their new enhanced travel experience.
  • Main Cabin tickets on all multiple – hour international routes will include one free checked bag.
  • American will be the first airline to offer international travelers to Asia, Oceania, India and Israel a Basic Economy Plus Bag ticket, which provides the low price of a non-changeable fare with a free checked bag.
  • Agencies who use this new distribution capability (NDC) will be able to offer customers new packaged fares and corporate experiences, such as certain seats, bags and privileges together at the time of booking [packaged trip incentives].

So, while this may not apply to everyone, the folks it DOES apply to should have a cheaper, more convenient and quicker experience, from booking a ticket to landing at their destination.

Hopefully soon, American will include a free checked bag or bags in the near future for domestic flights. [HINT, HINT, American!]

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