Our ‘Non-Traditional’ Thanksgiving

2020 has delivered one of the most non-traditional Thanksgivings that I have ever experienced.

Please don’t think I am complaining; I am fully aware of how some folks didn’t get to celebrate at all for a multitude of reasons. Plus, this isn’t really a complaint per se. It just adds to the strangeness of this year.

If you’ve been following me (THANK YOU!), you will already know that two close family members have been in the hospital with COVID for about 2 weeks. It’s tough to be celebratory when you don’t know what the next few days/weeks will bring for their health. I think worst of all is that we are helpless to do anything that may assist them. We can’t visit; speaking to them on the phone is nearly impossible because of all the machines and texts are sparse.

So, going into the holidays has been just weird. I see commercials saying, “SALE! SPEND YOUR MONEY!” and sometimes it angers me. How dare someone throw a sales pitch at me when people are sick? But, back on Earth, I realize this type of advertisement is typical for this time of year and has been aired since Lord-knows-when.

Hubby and I didn’t feel like messing with a big dinner for just the two of us. We looked around on the Internet to see what food sources were open on Thanksgiving, and then settled on Chinese food. So, our celebration was chicken fried rice, salmon with veggies and binge watching Absentia.

I know many people have “non-traditional” dinners, with the “traditional” being turkey and sides and pumpkin pie, and I am not trying to judge anyone. It was just different for me.

Do you and your family eat “non-traditional” meals on Thanksgiving? I’d love to hear about the different family traditions around the country. If you so desire, leave your comments below.

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