March is for more than St. Patrick’s Day

March is right around the corner, and while many people look forward to drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, there’s more to March than flat beer.

Here’s what to look forward to from March 1 – 5:

March 1: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

This day honors the superb qualities of peanut butter. It tastes indulgent, yet it’s healthy. It’s also versatile, so it can be used in any meal or dessert or can even be eaten by the spoonful out of the jar. Its famous counterparts are jelly/jam, toast, raw veggies, and even chocolate!  

Whether you prefer creamy or extra crunchy, March 1 is the day to enjoy or make your favorite PB treats, or even try something new! For example, Smoky Peanut Butter Chili:

Photo: Taste of Home

To read more from NewsBreak, click HERE.

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