Literary Challenge

Can you identify this popular character from literature based on the information posted below?

A young boy, no older than 12, who is very close to his 3-year-old sister, lives with his parents in a magnificent castle in Lithuania that has been in the family for generations. Thanks to Hitler and WWII, the family must flee to the countryside and stay in a wooden shack that is also part of the family’s estate.

Unfortunately, ruthless scavengers come by and kill the boy’s mother and father and move into the shack to shelter themselves from the harsh winter. The boy’s sister becomes ill. The scavengers run out of food sources.

The boy escapes to a Russian orphanage, where he is trained to be a soldier and has to face his past.

What literary character is this? How could his ultimate fate have been changed, using just the information posted above?

Correct answers (identifying the character; answers about his/her ultimate fate are opinions and are not counted as incorrect or correct) will be automatically entered into our 10th-anniversary contest, in which winners will receive a bag of goodies from local businesses and organizations.


Good luck!

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