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Recommendation: Dr. Ashley Fagan, Primary Care Physician

By Stacey Doud, Editor-In-Chief

***First, the disclaimer: Dr. Fagan, nor her officemates of anyone affiliated with Texas Health Family Care compensated me to write this piece. This recommendation is 100% my own so that someone seeking a PCP might read it and benefit from it. – SD***

When my family first moved to Grapevine in 2016, we sought a family doctor for the usual minor stuff. I searched the Internet, but it’s so tough to really know how “good” a doctor is. I was looking for someone who took our insurance, was a good listener and allowed me to participate in my own medical care.

For whatever reason, Hogan Medical for Your Family stuck out to me, and I also liked that they had two doctors and a Physician’s Assistant (P.A.) on their staff. I called and made an appointment with the first available physician, which was Dr. Ashley Fagan. I was pleased we got the female doctor because two members of my family preferred woman doctors.

The practice is now called Texas Health Family Care, but the excellent care is the same. From the front desk until check-out, I was greeted with friendly faces and helpful staff. Dr. Fagan was a pleasant surprise. I think we spent close to 45 minutes talking about my health, and then a plethora of other topics that we are passionate about. By the end of that first appointment, I knew that she was our new PCP.

She asked loads of questions about my issues, gave me several recommendations for treatment and then listed to my concerns and preferences. She has no problem calling in refills when necessary and sometimes will say, “Since we’ve already talked about this, if medicine X doesn’t work, just call me and I’ll send in medicine Y,” instead of making me come back in. She is mindful of my time, and if she has a crowded schedule, she will always say, “I’m enjoying our visit but I have to go,” instead of coming in, halfway listening to me and then running out.

Depending on how many other people are there, I can usually be seen within 5-10 minutes of coming in. I have waited longer than that, but that’s because there are many other people there and I know that Dr. Fagan gives her complete attention to whomever she’s talking to.

The office is tastefully decorated, with a TV (usually showing the Home and Garden channel) and there’s a Keurig coffee maker available for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.

The main nurse I’ve seen is Marilyn, a young lady with long, dark hair. I have never seen her look or act sour. She always seems concerned and has the patience to to speak with folks that have memory problems or just can’t remember something. She handles triage (temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and weight measurements) before the doctor comes in and writes up a quick summary of a patient’s complaints so you don’t have to repeat yourself to several different people.

They also use MyChart, an Internet website that allows you to view test results, request refills and make appointments and payments.

In summary, if you are looking for a family doctor, I’d suggest giving Texas Health Family Care a try. Dr. Fagan’s co-physicians are Dr. Chad Hogan and Elizabeth Clay, P.A. (who I’ve also seen and is great). They’re located on Main Street, right before downtown if you’re going toward NW Highway at 1280 S. Main St., Suite 100 in Grapevine. It’s located in a strip center and their phone number is 817-310-0898. Their hours are 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday.

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Dr. Fagan’s Provider Profile is HERE.