DART Bus Service Frequency Changes Begin June 13

Beginning June 13, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) will implement temporary service frequency adjustments on 31 of its 97 bus routes due to the ongoing nationwide shortage of bus operators. For more information about these changes, please visit dart.org/servicechange.

To restore service reliability and dependability for all of our bus riders, DART is implementing a five-minute temporary reduction in frequency on most bus routes currently operating every 15 minutes. Some bus routes with 20-minute midday and early evening service will change to 30-minute services. Light rail service, as well as service on the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) and the Dallas Streetcar, will remain the same.

These temporary bus service frequency adjustments will ensure that passengers can rely on the DART bus service schedule, improving service and reducing bus stop wait times, while we continue to aggressively recruit new bus operators.

DART tentatively plans to return to the regular frequency on all services on January 23, 2023, based on bus operator hiring goals. As hiring continues, DART will continue to re-evaluate the temporary service frequency adjustments and adjust as necessary.

Bus Route Frequency Adjustments

DART Bus Route 1 (Malcolm X/Maple), Route 3 (Ross), and Route 9 (Jefferson/Gaston)

Weekday 15 peak/15 midday changes to 20 peak/20 midday. Weekend 15 midday/30 off-peak changes to 20 midday/30 off-peak.

DART Bus Route 23 (Haskell)

Weekday 15 peak/20 midday changes to 20 peak/20 midday. There are no frequency changes to weekend service.

DART Bus Route 13 (Ervay), Route 15 (Buckner), Route 16 (Ferguson), Route 17 (Skillman), Route 18 (Samuell), Route 20 (Northwest Highway), Route 22 (Forest Lane), Route 25 (Cockrell Hill North), Route 27 (Ridgecrest), Route 28 (Singleton), Route 30 (Lake June), Route 38 (Ledbetter), Route 41 (Bonnie View), Route 45 (Marsalis), Route 47 (Polk), and Route 57 (Westmoreland)

15 peak/20 midday changes to 20 peak/30 midday. Weekend 20 midday/30 off-peak changes to 30-minute frequencies all day.

DART Bus Route 101 (Hampton), Route 102 (Fort Worth), Route 103 (Cedar Springs), Route 104 (Illinois), Route 105 (Henderson), Route 106 (Bickers), Route 108 (Camp Wisdom), Route 109 (Beckley), and Route 114 (East Oak Cliff)

Weekday 15 peak/30 midday changes to 20 peak/30 midday. There are no frequency changes to weekend service.

DART Bus Route 305 (Addison Express), and 306 (Glenn Heights Express)

15-minute peak service changes to 20-minute peak service.

There will be no temporary frequency adjustments on the following routes:

  • Bus Route 55 (Love Link)
  • Local bus routes 200 – 299
  • Express bus routes 308, 378 and 383
  • Shuttle bus routes 402 – 883

Bus Route Enhancements

DART Bus Route 215

To offer direct service to Bluitt-Flowers Health Center and Overton Park Apartments, buses will be removed from Kiest Boulevard and re-routed south to Overton Road in both directions between Marsalis and Beckley avenues. The schedule will be slightly modified.

DART Bus Route 220

To re-establish service south of Scyene Road, along Prairie Creek and St. Augustine, buses will operate on a loop south to Bruton Road. The change also adds a transfer connection along Bruton to Route 218, which will continue to serve Military Parkway. Riders on both routes are encouraged to obtain new timetables dated June 13, 2022, for slight variations in departure times.

GoLink Changes: North Dallas GoLink Zone

In response to rider requests, this zone is now being separated into two zones – providing enhanced service and improved response time. Fares and hours of operation remain the same for both new zones.

North Dallas GoLink Zone

This zone retains eight square miles of the original North Dallas zone and will be bounded by Forest Lane on the north, DART Rail Red and Orange lines on the east, Preston Road on the west, and University Boulevard, Boedeker Drive, and Northwest Highway on the south. Predetermined stops will include the Hillcrest Green Complex; Preston Royal Library; Texas Health Dallas; and Half Price Books. The stations served will be Walnut Hill, Park Lane, and Forest Lane.

North Central Dallas GoLink Zone

This four-square-mile zone combines the eastern portion of the original North Dallas zone with newly served areas to the north. Boundaries will be Midpark Road and Goldmark Drive on the north; Abrams Road on the east; Central Expressway and DART Rail Red and Orange lines on the west, and Walnut Hill Lane on the south. Predetermined stops will include the Walmart Supercenter on Forest Lane and Texas Health Dallas on Walnut Hill Lane. Stations served will be Walnut Hill, Forest Lane, and LBJ/Central.

Hours of operation will remain the same as in the current North Dallas zone. Travel between the two zones will require a separate booking.

Additional GoLink Enhancements

East Irving GoLink Zone

The northern boundary will be extended to include an adjacent industrial area. FedEx Ground, 3215 Spur 482 is now covered by this zone. This expands the zone to 3.31 square miles and its boundaries to Airport Freeway and Loop 12 on the north, Century Center Boulevard and Union Bower on the east, East State Highway 356 on the south, and Geneva Road and Heights Drive on the west.

Central Irving GoLink Zone

The western boundary will be extended to serve several distribution destinations on DFW Airport property (2601, 3400, and 3500 S. Airfield Drive). This expands the zone to a 4.95 square mile area bounded by: Walnut Hill Lane, Country Club Road, Metker Street, John W. Carpenter and Cottonwood Valley on the north, Rochelle Boulevard on the east, Airport Freeway, Goodyear, Fairmont, and Hancock streets on the south and Harvard Street, Pleasant Run Road and Passport Avenue on the west.

Keller Springs GoLink Zone

Western Extrusions, formerly a part of the Western Carrollton GoLink Pilot, is now being served by the Keller Springs GoLink Zone.

Service levels on these and all other GoLink zones will continue to be carefully monitored and updated, based on performance and rider feedback. For specific information, please visit DART.org/GoLink.

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