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‘I Did As Much As I Could Do’: Former Dallas Police Officer Home After Week Helping Defend Ukraine

He’s a North Texan and one of the few Americans who volunteered for combat duty to defend Ukraine.

On Sunday, his unit composed of foreign mercenaries became the target of Russian missiles and sustained massive casualties.

The 46-year-old Dallas attorney who is also a former Dallas Police officer found himself last week in a military bunker on the western side of Ukraine.

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Six Grocery Items Still Facing Shortages


Manufacturers and stores alike are trying to anticipate the best way to avoid the supply chain snarls that have followed the grocery sector for the past year, but there’s only so much they can control. Costs are going up due to a myriad of supply challenges, and shoppers are feeling the effects as prices keep rising.

We’ve seen shortages before, and with continuing disruptions to supply chains, we were bound to see them again. These are six of the products you’re likely to see running low—if you need them, you may have to plan more in advance, visit a couple of different stores, or shop for more plentiful alternatives to avoid the sight of empty store aisles

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Why the U.S. is running out of everything

The United States is experiencing a shortage of rubber, sand, and people.

Rubber is a critical raw material needed for car tires, personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and many more everyday products.

Anytime you’re going anywhere, you’re using rubber. Now, supply chain disruptions have thrown the rubber industry into a tailspin.

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