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What’s going on with the water towers?


Photo: Stacey Doud

Citizens of Grapevine May have noticed that something is going on with the local water towers. The one located on Shady Brook Drive (next to the Public Works building) has been tented on and off for the past few weeks.

According to a spokesperson at Public Works, the activity is for resurfacing and repainting the towers.

“The weather has been bad, so they haven’t been able to get things done as quickly as we hoped,” she said.

She assures citizens that the work being done will have no effect on water quality or availability.

Soon, we will have newly painted water towers that will freshly represent the great City of Grapevine.

For more information, call Public Works at 817.410.3330 or visit them at 501 Shady Brook Dr.

City Council approves a System Raw Water Availability Agreement


As part of the City of Pearland’s long-term water availability strategy, Pearland City Council approved a System Raw Water Availability Agreement with the Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA), which is a critical next step in ensuring long-term water availability for residents.

The agreement is for the procurement of water for potable, irrigation, and industrial uses within the City. The Gulf Coast Water Authority is the regional water provider for the Brazoria, Fort Bend and Galveston counties.

The City’s long-term water strategies involve combining multiple significant independent water sources to ensure that those water needs can be met under a variety of conditions.

Based on an estimated build out population of between 220,000 and 250,000 the City will need a daily capacity of approximately 60 million gallons per day (MGD). In order to have this, the City has worked for years to secure diverse water sources.


In 2003, the City entered into a contract for raw water from the American/Briscoe Canal System for the future municipal needs of the City in an amount of 10 MGD. In 2004, the City entered into a contract for the GCWA to act as the City’s agent in the expansion of the City of Houston’s Southeast Surface Water Production Plant, which gave the City access to 10 MGD once completed. This project also included the 30” waterline, which conveyed water to a distribution facility within the City.

In 2006, the City participated with the City of Galveston and Texas City to purchase through the GCWA the former Chocolate Bayou Water Company. This purchase consisted of the Juliff and Chocolate Bayou facilities and the accompanying water rights. The City’s portion of the purchase is 10 MGD. As a result of the prolonged drought within Texas specifically, the Brazos River Basin, both the customers of the GCWA and GCWA staff recognized that a major revision to the raw water contracts was needed.

The City has also been involved in the revisions to the Systems Operations Contracts for the American and Briscoe Canals System as part of a customer group consisting of various customers from Brazoria and Fort Bend counties, adding language relating to the availability of multiple sources in the City.