Grapevine Dispatchers Receive 21% Raise and New Title

Grapevine 9-1-1 dispatchers are now among the highest paid in all of North Texas. A new 21.5% pay increase just took effect for current employees and new hires, along with a new job title.

The higher pay is part of a new hiring strategy to combat severe staffing shortages and recruit the most qualified candidates. The 9-1-1 industry nationwide has seen a significant drop in applications since the start of the pandemic. Grapevine Police announced a hiring bonus last year to draw in more applicants, but with local agencies raising their pay, the Department needed to do even more to remain competitive. 

The 21.5% pay increase puts starting salaries at $52,208 – $73,091 a year based on experience.  Benefits for City of Grapevine employees are also among with best in the region, making employment even more attractive to families and parents. 

Grapevine Police also reclassified the job title from Telecommunicators to Emergency Communications Specialists. The new title is designed to better define the employees’ job descriptions and industry standards. Emergency Communications Specialists, also nicknamed Dispatchers, are designated as first responders in the state of Texas. They are trained in life-saving techniques and can provide medical aid as needed over the phone until police, fire or paramedics can arrive on the scene.

Emergency Communications Manager Kellie Hayney says both changes highlight the importance of dispatchers and the role they play in public safety. “Emergency Communications Specialists are the true first responders. When every second counts during an emergency, their skills with a caller can be the reason a life is saved. We are grateful to the City and Department for recognizing their importance, and the need to attract the best candidates to serve our community.”

The current Emergency Communications Specialist hiring process closes on June 10. Anyone wanting to apply can go to and click on “Apply for a Job” to learn more.

A new dispatcher recruiting video is also posted on social media. You can find it at:

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