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Dad makes app that locks your teen’s phone until they answer your text messages

By Doug Delony

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 12.01.42 pmThe app ReplyASAP makes text messages, “unmissable between people that matter, since important messages shouldn’t be missed,” says its creator, Nick Hebert.

The app can freeze your child’s phone and even sound an alarm in silent mode. It essentially forces teenagers to stop what they are doing and reply to their worried parents, reports PureWow.

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Scam Alert from Grapevine PD

46511086_2226451650699649_8035687122788679680_nBurglars are getting crafty trying to get into homes, and we want to make sure your loved ones don’t fall victim to a scam that reached a Grapevine couple in their 70’s.

A man came to the front door and told the homeowner he was there to fix her fence. She met him in the backyard, and he proceeded to talk to her for the next 15 minutes outside. Then he suddenly said he was at the wrong home and was picked up by someone in a van.

A short time later the woman’s husband came home, and discovered several things were missing from inside their house (a gun safe, firearms, and jewelry). Detectives believe the man lured the woman outside so another thief could break in and steal their valuables. The theft happened just after lunchtime, and the woman did not feel threatened at the time.

Please remind loved ones, especially if they are older, to watch out for this kind of scam. When victims are not suspicious, they are not paying attention to features that may help identify the thieves or their vehicle, making it easy for criminals to get away undetected.

Black Friday safety tips

Here are some tips from the Harris County Constable’s Office. Be safe this “Black Friday.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 8.16.07 AM

Download and print the .pdf

Self-driving cars roll into Frisco: 7 things to know about’s autonomous ride-hailing service


FRS-2018-06-14-02 launched its self-driving car service in Frisco this week. The six-month pilot program will transport passengers within a geofenced area.

Here are seven facts you need to know about this program:

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FDA warns there could be more salmonella-related recalls

By: FOX 13 News staff

recalls so far_1532686891319.jpg_5856198_ver1.0_640_360

Getty Images

 – There has been a string of voluntary recalls due to salmonella fears recently, and while federal officials have identified the possible source, they say it could mean future recalls.

After recalls for Ritz crackersGoldfish crackersSwiss rolls and Hungry-Man frozen dinners, the Food and Drug Administration is warning that more recalls for possible salmonella contamination could be ahead.

The FDA says they believe the recalled product contain a common ingredient supplied by Associated Milk Producers. Officials said it is likely that other food products containing the same ingredient could be recalled in the coming days.

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TX Agriculture Dept tips to avoid being a victim of credit card fraud

No one wants their credit card information “skimmed” when paying at the pump. Here are a few tips and tricks from the Texas Agriculture Department to avoid becoming a victim of credit card thieves while fueling up!