Cement Truck Spill Causes Traffic Jam…Twice

Photo: Kirk Sides

Photo: Kirk Sides

By Kar Hlava

League City police and fire departments, along with Webster, responded to an accident involving a cement mixer truck on the southbound feeder of the Gulf Freeway just north of FM 518 on Tuesday (Mar. 17).

After workers cleaned up the HAZMAT situation caused by the truck’s fuel tanks, a heavy-duty wrecker towed it, but did not get far.

The wrecker with the cement truck in tow made a U-turn to proceed north on the Gulf Freeway main lanes.

While in tow, the cement truck again rolled over onto the Gulf Freeway, which shut down the lanes until another heavy-duty wrecker could arrive.

The second accident caused more of a headache because it closed the main lanes.

The second accident occurred in Webster near the 21000 block of the Gulf Freeway.

Webster police, assisted by League City, were able to open one lane of the freeway, occasionally, but most traffic was diverted to NASA Parkway.

It is unknown at this time what caused either accident.

Updates will be posted.

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