Grapevine, Texas (July 4, 2018) – The Grapevine Fire Department along with our partners from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens responded to a lake rescue last night on Grapevine Lake. At 9:30 pm last night, the Grapevine Dive Unit, Battalion 1, Chief 1, Chief 2, Chief 3, Marine 1, Marine 2, and two MICU’s responded to the report of a male missing who had fallen overboard from a sailboat. The missing boater is a 19-year-old male from Flower Mound who was not wearing a lifejacket. At the time of the incident, high winds were sweeping through the metro area as the result of an outflow boundary from collapsing thunder storms in East Texas. At this time, it is unclear as to what caused the male to fall overboard.

High winds, darkness, and the fact that the sailboat had drifted a significant way from where the parties believed the incident occurred, left rescuers with a poor last seen point to begin their search. Marine crews were on the lake searching until after midnight this morning before the search was called off for the night.

Grapevine Marine units are back on the lake this morning conducting shoreline searches. This is the fourth drowning on Lake Grapevine since Mother’s Day weekend. Please remember to always wear a lifejacket when boating or swimming in open waters. We cannot stress the importance enough of wearing a lifejacket anytime you are around our lakes, streams, rivers, and tributaries.

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