Editor’s Corner: Jurassic Gardens – Fun and Educational

By Stacey Doud

My family and I were looking for something to do close to home, so we decided to check out Grapevine Parks & Rec’s Jurassic Gardens.

For $8 per person, we were admitted into the back of the Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park. We weren’t completely sure what to expect, but it didn’t disappoint.

The dinosaurs featured once roamed the area we were standing on, and were not the typical dinos seen in exhibits. They are hydraulic and robotic, so they move (even their eyes) and make sounds.

In addition to the dinosaurs, there were several activities, like digging for bones, beanbag tosses and displays of real fossils. The displays were enhanced by the beauty of the plants and trees in the Gardens.

There is a store if your little one wants a souvenir, and many knowledgeable park attendants were there to answer questions.

If you have an hour or two to kill, make sure to check this exhibit out before it goes away on October 7.

For more information and tickets, visit https://gograpevine.com/event/jurassicgardens/.

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