Perot Fall Discovery Camps for kids Pre-K to 4th Grade registering now

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Let your child spend Thanksgiving break at the Perot Museum learning the science behind all things stinky and slimy!

DATES: November 19 – 21, 2018

LOCATION: The Perot Museum, 2201 N. Field St., Dallas 75201


Ooey Gooey Chemistry

This camp will be loaded with tons of hands-on messy experiments! You will make bouncy balls, play with slime, and make some exciting discoveries of ooey, gooey, slimy, and icky science fun!


Gross Science

Why are feet smelly? What is the purpose of mucus? In this camp, you’ll have a fun-filled week of learning about our gross bodily functions. Find out all there is to know about burping, boogers, excrement, gas, saliva, and germs and how our brain, cells, heart, organs and blood contribute to the grossness.

For questions call 214.428.5555 ext. 8 or For more information or to register, click HERE.


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