Grapevine Police Detective earns award from US Attorney’s office


Detective Joseph Moeller (L) and Chief of Police Mike Hamlin

One of Grapevine Police Department’s detective’s perseverance through his pursuit of justice has earned him high honors by the United States Attorney’s Office – Northern District of Texas.

On May 10 2019, U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox and Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Dana presented Detective Joseph Moeller with the U.S. Attorney’s Award of Excellence.

Detective Moeller and Special Agent T.J. Banks earned the award for their work in the case against Glenn Eugene Halfin, who ultimately pleaded guilty to Interference with Housing Rights, a hate crime statute created to protect people trying to live in peace from racial harassment.

Detective Moeller dedicated months to investigating harassment against a Grapevine family that included vandalism to their car and nooses around dolls, left for the family to find. Detective Moeller spent countless hours conducting surveillance and going through evidence to identify the suspect. Once Moeller had his case, he reached out to the U.S. Attorney’s office, believing the case could be federally prosecuted. He was right, and Halfin got the maximum penalty of 12 months.

Please join us in congratulating Detective Moeller on this prestigious award, as we thank him for his service, today and every day, in Grapevine.

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