Update on Injured Bobcat



Courtesy of Grapevine Police

An injured bobcat last seen on Monday has been found in Grapevine. Shortly before noon on Saturday, February 29, 2020, Grapevine Police and Grapevine Animal Services were notified that a homeowner spotted the animal on some property along Parr Lane. 

Officers were able to confirm the bobcat still had the illegal foot trap attached to its leg, and called in additional assistance from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden.  The injured animal was hiding under a shed, and moved into some nearby hay as experts approached.  A Fort Worth Code Compliance Officer tranquilized the bobcat so workers could move it safely.

The bobcat was taken to Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas, where its leg and overall health were evaluated.  While under sedation, medical professionals discovered the bobcat was emaciated, septic, and had a heart murmur, and they determined the animal would not survive surgery.  As a result, the decision was made to humanely euthanize the bobcat.

The safety of our community and protection of all life remains a top priority for Grapevine Police and Grapevine Animal Services.  We are grateful nobody was hurt in a confrontation with this injured and scared animal.  Plans were already in place for a rehabilitation and wildlife sanctuary to care for the bobcat, and we appreciate the specialists who were willing to take in the animal.  

We thank everyone who helped in this case, from the concerned homeowners and neighborhood groups, to the animal hospital, game warden and animal services workers from outside agencies who offered their support and resources.  We hope this case serves as a serious reminder that the type of foot trap used on this bobcat is not allowed in our City.  Anyone who has questions about humanely trapping wildlife can call Grapevine Animal Services at 817.410.3370.

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