Wooden box sat at airport for a week, inside was something wicked

An unmarked wooden box with several crude holes arrived at an airport without proper labeling. The airport employees put the box aside and went about their business. Because it didn’t have proper tags, it would sit among other items with the same issue. The box was approximately 16 inches high and it only had a note that it was to be shipped to Syria.

With its improper labeling, the box sat in a holding room for an entire week. Finally, the airport employees received legal confirmation that they could open the box and inspect the contents. What they found nearly knocked them off their feet!

Inside the box were three Siberian tiger kittens. No one was sure how they were still alive. But all three clung onto life despite having no food or water for a week! “Nothing indicated that the box contained tigers or even live animals, and there were no details of a shipper or receiver,” the animal rights group Animals Lebanon wrote on Facebook.

The three male kittens had been on a flight from the Ukraine and were supposed to be sold to a zoo in Syria. Animals Lebanon insisted that the tigers be transferred to them. A judge agreed. “Their paw pads were raw and red from being covered in urine, and were their back legs and thighs,” Animals Lebanon added on Facebook.

The Siberian tigers were in horrible shape. The endangered species are highly sought after in the black market. People wanting to make money off their illegal sales may not take the animals’ well-being into account.

“They are improving – but they are still at risk! Big cats can be worth tens of thousands of dollars on the black market. The owner is fighting to get them back, and we are fighting for the tigers and rule of law,” Animals Lebanon explained on Facebook.

The zoo fought the rescue group for the tigers’ return. Thankfully a judge again ruled in the favor of the rescue group and all three tigers will remain with them. “Thank you for all the help to make this possible. So many people did more than enough to do the right thing and to prevent the tigers from ending up on the black market!” Animals Lebanon writes on Facebook.

The tigers are thriving in their new habitat. We are so grateful they were found in the nick of time! To see their rescue, click HERE.

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