Getting a census taker visit when you’ve already responded

Census takers are now visiting households across the nation that have not yet responded. Understandably, some households that have already responded have expressed confusion over why they too are being visited. These visits are part of efforts to be absolutely sure that everyone is counted.

If you get a visit and you’ve already responded, please be patient and answer the census taker’s questions.

So if you’ve already responded to the 2020 Census, why might a census taker visit?

The most common reason is to clarify information about your address. You may have responded using your address instead of the Census ID printed on your census invitation. This ID links your response to your address so that you are counted in the right place. The Census Bureau has received millions of responses that used an address instead of a Census ID. Some of these addresses don’t match one already on the list, so follow-ups are needed with those to be sure they are counted in the right location.

If you’re in that situation, you may in fact get two visits — one to verify the address you responded with and another to get a response from your address the way it appears on the Census Bureau’s list.

“I know that being visited when you’ve already responded may be annoying, and even a bit confusing, but please be patient with our census takers — their work is critical to the mission of the Census Bureau and to your community receiving its fair share of funding for critical services,” said Census Director Steven Dillingham. “We are making sure that we count everyone in the right place and not leave anyone out.”

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