Cracking Cases with Digital Forensics

In the not-too-distant past, if you wanted to keep tabs on what someone was doing, you’d have to stealthily follow them around town with a camera. Today, however, a quick look at their digital devices would provide you with more information than you ever imagined.

With the infiltration of digital devices into all aspects of daily living—from mobile phones to wearable devices and vehicle connectivity—you amass data simply by going through your 21st-century life. Individuals leave a data-rich, digital footprint wherever they go; whatever they do.

The field of digital forensics emerged as an answer to all this data. Tapping into the wealth of information, investigators use it to unveil the truth even in the murkiest of cases. To help you better understand digital forensics, we spoke with three seasoned experts in the field to get the inside scoop. Keep reading to learn about the field and the critical role digital forensics plays in investigations—as well as some examples of high-profile cases cracked by it.

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