Tarrant County Updates COVID Vaccine Website Functionality

Tarrant County Public Health has released some new features on their COVID-19 vaccination sign up site.

People who have signed up can now get more information about their status using the Registration ID number that was included in the email/text/phone call that was received during sign-up.

Status checks can be accessed by clicking on the information request button on the registration page for Tarrant County.

An example of the following information that can be obtained from that request is provided below:

  • Date Registered
  • First Clinic Appointment (if assigned, otherwise it will be blank)
  • The phone number we will contact you at for your appointment
  • Eligibility Status

Only persons over age 18 are being considered at this time. The current interval between registration and appointment may be 3 to 4 weeks, unless citizens fall into a priority group. The site will also allow you to cancel your registration if you have already found another vaccine provider.

Click HERE to access registration site for TARRANT COUNTY or call 817-248-6299. Residents of other counties can get more information by visiting their county website.

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