Tarrant County will continue to require masks on county property

On Tuesday March 9, the Tarrant County commissioners agreed to continue to require face coverings in county buildings.

This order applies to the county’s administration buildings, courts, jails and offices. County employees and visitors will be required to wear a face covering, despite Governor Abbott’s lifting of the state’s mask mandate, which is effective today, March 10.

For the commissioners, keeping masks mandatory is a way to continue to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Before Abbott lifted the statewide mandate, the court gave County Judge Glen Whitley the power to extend the county’s order until at least May 25, as it believed the threat of COVID-19 was active and mask wearing was the best way to control it. 

County administrator G.K. Maenius said that while the county can’t fine or jail people for not wearing a mask, if a large number of people enter county buildings without masks, commissioners would look at how they can better enforce mask-wearing.

Read more from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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