Is Your Child Interested in Becoming a DJ?

If so, then save the date! On Saturday, September 25, 2021, professional radio personalities from RP Entertainment Radio are holding a class for young people who are interested in pursuing a career (or even a hobby) of becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ).

One of the family of RP Entertainment Radio in Dallas, T’Bella, who hosts a talk show at 12pm, is just one of the personalities that youngsters age 12-17 can learn from. The classes will provide professional equipment and instructors with many years’ experience, so the budding DJs can learn from those who have “been around the block.”

Students will learn how to scratch, fade, cue, how to work an equalizer (EQ) and more!

If you’d like to register now or need more information, visit the RPEntertainment website or call 972-532-1744 to secure a place for your youngster!

CEO RP (Right) and Cassie Noel

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