Peace Circle Art Installation Unveiled at Grapefest®

Mayor William D. Tate is pleased to announce the unveiling of the “Peace Circle” public art installation, an interpretation of the meeting of Republic of Texas President Sam Houston and 10 American Indian chiefs/ captains on the Grape Vine Prairie in 1843. Sam Houston and the tribal leaders met in a spirit of friendship, peace, hope and trust in an effort to establish a place – a line that would not be crossed – where the tribes could live in peace.  The Peace Circle meeting later lead to the signing of the Treaty of Bird’s Fort on September 29, 1843.

The installation features 11 bronze statues standing 1.25 times life size, representing Republic of Texas President Sam Houston and American Indian chiefs/ captains from the Delaware, Chickasaw, Waco, Tawakoni, Keechi, Caddo, Anadarko, Ioni, Biloxi and Cherokee Nations.  

The City of Grapevine commissioned Grapevine artist-in-residence, Linda Lewis, to recreate the moment of this historic meeting on the Grape Vine Prairie. Members of the Peace Circle Advisory Committee thoroughly researched Sam Houston and the American Indian representations to ensure their accuracy.

The statue of Sam Houston depicts him as he was dressed in that final meeting – wearing his velvet, fox-embroidered suit, his silver spurs and an Indian blanket thrown over his shoulders. Each chief’s physical attributes and the finest details of their 1843 clothing were developed from consulting tribal members, studying photographs, paintings and/or relatives to ensure that the representations are accurate to each tribe. This information has been approved by the tribal nations they represent. The installation will be placed near the intersection of Main Street and Dallas Road in Historic Downtown Grapevine.

The art installation dedication will consist of representatives from the tribal nations, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and members of the advisory committee. Though the Comanches were invited but did not attend the original Peace Circle meeting on the Grape Vine Prairie, they will be attending the “Peace Circle” unveiling ceremony.

Some of the dedication events will include Comanche drum music; Sia Eagle display and presentation by co-founder Bill Volker, Comanche Nation; the “Wyandotte Thanksgiving Address,” the words before all else, shared by Sallie Cotter Andrews, Wyandotte Nation; a Smoke Ceremony and Blessing by Eddie Sandoval, Apache Nation and Leslie Thunderhawk, Rosebud Sioux Nation; presentation of the American, Texas and tribal flags with a Comanche flag song and more.  

  • WHEN: Saturday, September 18 Dedication Ceremony from approximately 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. with festivities from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. during the 35th Annual GrapeFest® – A Texas Wine Experience, presented by Bank of the West
  • WHERE: Peace Plaza at Grapevine Main Station, located at 815 S. Main St.                          


Grapevine artist-in-residence, Linda Lewis, born in Lubbock, Texas, received her art education in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Utilizing detailed research by the Peace Circle Advisory Committee, Lewis has created and overseen the production of “Peace Circle” at the Grapevine Foundry located in the Cotton Belt Railroad Historic District, 701 S. Main St. For more than five years, she has been the owner/operator of the Grapevine Foundry and Fine Arts Program, bringing two decades of experience working with bronze to Main Street. She also is an art instructor, does mold making, wax working, sand blasting, bronze casting, welding and patina finishing.

One response to “Peace Circle Art Installation Unveiled at Grapefest®

  1. I am very happy and proud of what you folks in Grapevine are doing to help educate!e and present a great lifetime of historical facts
    Always, Gregory G Gomez MSSW Lipan Mescalero Apache President, IIA

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